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Harry Groenevelt
Associate Professor of Operations Management
Phone: 585.275.2825
Office: 3-339 Carol Simon Hall


Professor Groenevelt has been a consultant on operations management and data analysis issues for numerous manufacturing and service organizations (including hospitals and other health care providers), as well as the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Teaching Interests

Operations management, supply chain management, service management, healthcare operations and analytics

Research Interests

Proessor Groenevelt has interests in health care operations, logistics and supply chain management (including reverse logistics); service system management and design; quality management and analytics.

Professional History

Associate Professor of Operations Management
University of Rochester Simon School of Business, Rochester NY
July 1994 -
Visiting Faculty
INSEAD Leadership Program for Senior Indian Executives
September 2012 - September 2012
Visiting Professor
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India
January 2012 - January 2012
Associate Professor of Operations Management
University of Rochester Simon School of Business, Rochester NY
July 1990 - June 1994
Assistant Professor of Operations Management
University of Rochester Simon School of Business, Rochester NY
July 1984 - June 1990
Research Assistant
Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, New York, NY
January 1982 - August 1984
Teaching Assistant
Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, New York, NY
September 1983 - May 1984
Student Assistant
Interdepartment of Actuarial Sciences and Econometrics, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
June 1979 - December 1981


Columbia University - 1985
Ph D
Operations Research
Vrije Universiteit - 1981
Vrije Universiteit - 1979


A Case Study: Can RFID Help Reduce Costs in Medical Imaging?
Journal/Publisher/Proceedings Publisher: Radio Business Journal
Continuous Review Inventory Model with Dynamic Choice of Two Freight Modes with Fixed Costs
Journal/Publisher/Proceedings Publisher: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Dynamic Revenue Management in Airlines Alliances
Journal/Publisher/Proceedings Publisher: Transportation Science
On the Pitfalls of End-of-Period vs. Continuous Accounting of Inventory Related Cost
Journal/Publisher/Proceedings Publisher: Operations Research
A Continuous Review Inventory Management with Contingent Use of two Freight Models
Contribution Type: Journal Article, Professional Journal
Journal/Publisher/Proceedings Publisher: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Volume: 12
Issue: 1

Current Research Programs

A Comparison of Injury Severity and Resource Utilization between Motorcycle Trauma and Gunshot Trauma
We use hospital data on charges, reimbursement and outcomes to compare the injury severity and resource utilization for motorcycle accident and gun show wound victims. Public policy implications are discussed.
Emergency Department Inventory Management Evaluation and Analysis: A Model For Cost Savings Within Health Care
We aim to develop improved inventory management and resupply approaches for the Emergency Department at Strong Memorial Hospital. Where possible, existing models will be adapted to the particular circumstances in health care, where necessary, new approaches will be developed. A provost's grant proposal has been submitted to provide funding.
In-play Football Prediction
We develop and analyze several models to predict the result of a soccer match while the match is in progress. The model is calibrated using betting odds. A large database of matches is used to test and compare the matches.
In-Play Sports Prediction
Various models are developed to predict the outcome of various sports events while they are in progress. Structures considered include both individual matches and tournaments, competitions, play-offs, etc.
Pricing and product technology choice in the presence of competition
We investigate the dynamics of the introduction of new product generations in a duopoly. Firms can choose the amount of new technology to introduce in each generation, and compete for multiple customer segments. We analyze a variety of scenarios and try to obtain deeper insights into this form of competition.
Supply Costs Uncertainty: The Relationship between Operational and Financial Hedging Strategies
Many firms operating in developed markets have moved a significant part of their manufacturing activities offshore, and are therefore subject to exchange rate risks. To eliminate or reduce these risks, firms utilize both real and financial hedging strategies. We investigate the relationship between different hedging strategies in a number of settings using a newsvendor-type model with several sourcing options available to the firm.
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