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Simon Professor David Tilson - MBA Business Systems Consulting Course

Business Systems Consulting

You’re a person who looks for new ways to use your skills. Environments that promote free thinking to meet extreme challenges are where you thrive. This exciting concentration provides a cutting edge and highly focused course of study designed to equip you with the skills and experience you need to excel in the world of business systems consulting.

Simon professors are noted experts, renowned researchers, and accessible mentors.
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Required core courses, plus five other electives.

CIS 461 Strategy and Business Systems Consulting Practicum (OMG 461)
Plus either  
CIS 415 Business Process Analysis and Design (ECM 415)
OMG 415 Process Improvement


The other three electives must be selected from this list:
ACC 438 Auditing II—Auditing and Information Systems
CIS 416 Advanced Information Technology (ECM 416)
CIS 418 Business Modeling and Analysis for Management
CIS 440 Electronic Commerce Strategy (ECM 440)
CIS 446 Financial Information Systems (FIN 446)
ECM 437 Marketing on the Internet (MKT 437)
MKT 436 Database Marketing (ECM 436)
OMG 411 Supply Chain Management
OMG 412 Service Management
OMG 413 International Manufacturing and Service Strategy
OMG 416 Project Management
OMG 437 Managing Health Care Operations (HSM 437)
STR 421 Competitive Strategy




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