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Competitive and Organizational Strategy

Simon Business School offers two tracks within the Competitive and Organizational Strategy concentration—the Strategy and Organizations track and the Pricing track. Students can choose either of these two tracks to satisfy the requirements of the Competitive and Organizational Strategy concentration.

This cross-functional and integrative curriculum will provide you a sound basis for a broad range of business strategies and pricing policies. Building on the economic fundamentals that are the cornerstone of a Simon education, you will develop the skills to identify the root causes of business problems and discover new opportunities.

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Strategy and Organizations track

A student wishing to take the Strategy and Organizations track should complete the following:

All STR concentrators will be required to take all of the core courses and STR 421 Competitive Strategy.

Must complete a minimum of four additional courses in the STR area from this list:
STR 422 Game Theory for Managers
STR 423 Pricing Policies (MKT 414)
STR 424 Human Resource Strategy
STR 427 Organizational Behavior
STR 429 Advanced Competitive Strategy
STR 430 Health Science Management and Strategy
STR 438 B2B Pricing (MKT 438)
STR 439 Advanced Pricing (MKT 439)
STR 440 Corporate Governance
STR 442 Special Topics in Strategy (not offered every year)
STR 461 Strategy and Business Consulting Practicum

Pricing Track

Simon Business School is leading the way with a specialized pricing track within the MBA program. As a Pricing student, you will learn the fundamentals of value-based pricing, while our advanced pricing courses cover business-to-business pricing, pricing under capacity constraints, behavioral pricing, and much more.

A student wishing to take the Pricing track should complete the following five required courses:

STR 423 Pricing Policies (MKT 414) - Should be taken before courses listed below
STR 438
STR 439
B2B Pricing (MKT 438)
Advanced Pricing (MKT 439)
STR 421 Competitive Strategy
MKT 412 Marketing Research
MKT 436 Marketing Analysis

In addition to these required courses, the faculty require one additional course from the list below:

ACC 410 Strategic Cost Analysis
ENT 435 Negotiation Theory and Practice: Bargaining for Value
STR 438
STR 439
B2B Pricing (MKT 438)
Advanced Pricing (MKT 439) (Counting only the one not taken to satisfy the list above)
STR 422 Game Theory for Managers


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