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Become a Marketing Expert

Almost any smart business leader will tell you marketing is playing an increasingly important role in today’s instant access, 24/7 global marketplace. Staying ahead of your competition, regardless of the business you’re in, means satisfying the customer better than the others. We’ll prepare you for those challenges with one of the best and brightest marketing departments in the country.

Our Brand Management track helps you develop skills in everything from strategy and product development to sales and promotion, our innovative Pricing track teaches you how to utilize “big data” analysis to make smart decisions for profitable pricing strategies and our Marketing Strategy track emphasizes the use of marketing principles for developing and implementing a firm’s product-market strategies in the marketplace.

You may also combine marketing to round out your education. Popular combinations include marketing and finance, marketing and operations management, and marketing and electronic commerce.

Learn more about our Marketing Faculty, Research, the student-run Simon Marketing Association, and the latest news!

Understand your professional opportunities. Explore the top career paths for marketing.

Marketing Strategy Track

Students in the Marketing Strategy track must take MKT 412 (Marketing Research), along with four elective courses from the following list. At least two of those electives must be from Group A.

MKT 412 Marketing Research
Group A  
MKT 414 Pricing Policies (STR 423)
MKT 432 Product Planning and Development
MKT 433 Advertising and Sales Promotion
MKT 435 Channels Strategy
Group B  
HSM 440 Evolving Medical Markets (BPP440)
MKT 431 Consumer Behavior
MKT 436 Marketing Analytics
MKT 437 Digital Marketing Strategy
MKT 441 Brand Management Workshop
MKT 442 Special Topics in Marketing
MKT 448 Brand Strategy Workshop
MKT 449 Global Marketing Strategy
MKT 451 Advanced Marketing Analytics

Brand Management Track

If you’re looking to become a brand or product manager in either the consumer or industrial products markets or in financial services, we offer a unique and truly exceptional Brand Management Track.

Required courses to specialize in Brand Management:

MKT 412 Marketing Research
MKT 441 Brand Management
And choosing three courses out of:
MKT 414 Pricing Policies (STR 423)
MKT 432 New Product Strategy
MKT 433 Advertising Strategy
MKT 435 Channels Strategy
MKT 448 Brand Strategy

Pricing Track

If you are interested in a career in pricing, or simply want to master state-of-the-art techniques, Simon offers a pricing track that is on the cutting edge in this dynamic and fast growing field. The Pricing Track enables you to integrate the foundations of your Simon degree, including analytic marketing, cost accounting, finance, managerial economics, operations, and strategy to deliver profitable pricing models for your future employers and organizations.

You should complete the following combination of 5 courses:

STR 423 Pricing Policies (MKT 414) - Should be taken before courses listed below
STR 438
STR 439
B2B Pricing (MKT 438)
Advanced Pricing (MKT 439)
STR 421 Competitive Strategy
MKT 412 Marketing Research
MKT 436 Marketing Analytics

In addition to these required courses, you are required to take one additional course from the list below:

ACC 410 Accounting for Management and Control
GBA 435 Negotiation Theory and Practice: Bargaining for Value (ENT 435)
STR 438
STR 439
B2B Pricing (MKT 438) 
Advanced Pricing (Counting only the one not taken to satisfy the above)
STR 422 Game Theory for Managers


The importance of data analytics in marketing

Dean Andrew Ainslie sat down with Financial Times business education editor Della Bradshaw on a recent visit to London to talk about emerging market demand for analytic skill sets across all business functions, particularly in Pricing and Brand Management. Ainslie discusses Simon’s strength in this area, citing our long history of an analytic- and economics-based approach to the curriculum. Watch Ainslie’s interview below.

Ainslie FT Interview Play

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