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Will you accept my transcript if it isn't in English?

Transcripts must be in English, or translated to English. The translated version should be certified and notarized or otherwise authenticated. Both the original and translated transcript should be uploaded to your application.

May I submit a screenshot of my transcripts?

No. Screen shots of transcripts are not accepted as supporting documentation. We require a scanned copy of your official transcript, issued by the institution attended. We cannot accept a copy of your online academic record.

May I upload a diploma or certificate of achievement or other non-academic record document?

No. It is not necessary and is not required as part of the application process. If you feel these materials positively support your application, we suggest mentioning these accomplishments in your optional essay.

I’m enrolled in undergraduate or graduate study and my current term grades are now available. How do I report them to you?

You do not need to submit new grades. The Admissions Committee will contact you for an updated transcript if one is needed. If you receive an invitation to interview, you are welcome to share new grade scores at that time.

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