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Letters of Recommendation

What is the letter of recommendation process?

Through our online application, we will request that you identify your recommendation provider or providers (maximum of two), who are then notified on your behalf (via e-mail) with instructions on how to submit their recommendation using our online system. Once submitted, their recommendations are automatically merged with your application. This includes recommendations submitted after you submit your application.

The online system incorporates a recommendation form with a rating section, which allows your recommender to provide a quantitative rating for you in three categories: Academic Performance, Intellectual Potential, and Motivation.

We strongly suggest that at least one of your recommenders is familiar with you in a work/professional capacity.

Can I add a recommender after submitting my application?

Yes. While you are required to designate at least one recommendation provider in order to submit your application, you may need to add an additional recommender, if one of your designated recommenders is unable to provide a letter for you in a timely manner. You also have the ability to delete a previously designated recommender, if their recommendation has not been submitted.

To add a recommender, or to delete a recommender who has not yet submitted a recommendation, return to your online application and visit the “Recommendations” section and your recommendation provider list.

Do you accept letters of recommendation or evaluations from a credential management or dossier service?

No. An important part of your letter of recommendation is a quantitative rating of your candidacy. Recommendations submitted to centralized credential management and dossier services are unable to provide this critical information.

One of my recommenders did not receive an e-mail or is having trouble accessing the online recommendation system. What should I do?

When you identify a recommendation provider within your online application, an e-mail is automatically initiated from our service provider on your behalf. If a recommender has any spam blocking or other software intended to filter out unrecognized senders, they may not even see this e-mail. Ensure that your recommenders have either disabled such software or “allowed” e-mails from It is also essential that recommenders disable any popup blocking software, as such programs may prevent the display of important information.

If your recommender received the e-mail, but is having trouble accessing the form, advise them that there is a special e-mail address contained within the automatic e-mail which they should use if normal "technical support" cannot resolve their issue.

My recommender wishes to submit their recommendation for me in paper form, is that OK?

No. Since all of our applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee online, there is no physical file folder to maintain paper-based letters. Letters of recommendation in support of your application are received through the online process only.

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