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Meet MS in Finance Students

Araya_Ericka_Robles_FT MS Finance 2017_158x190

Ericka Robles Araya

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Kalamazoo College

"I knew I wanted to be in a program that had a very rigorous academic environment that would help me enhance my quantitative and analytic skills. I also knew I wanted to be part of a program with a close-knit community that would give me individualized attention, and where I could work to further my career."

Gao_Tianyu_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Tianyu "Jenny" Gao

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Westminster College

Internship: Conduent

"I believe faculty members are the soul of a business school, and Simon has fantastic professors. I'm a finance nerd, I love asking 'Why?' and I can easily find a professor who has published a research paper relevant to my questions. If you're passionate about finance, like I am, you should consider Simon."

Jett_Kayelyn_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Katie Jett

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Texas A&M 

“I chose Simon because, when I came here, I could just see concrete steps to achieving my goal. My goal is to live and work in New York City. Whenever I came and talked to current students, they talked about their classes and they just loved them and loved how hands-on they were. I talked to alumni, and seeing where they are now and how far the program has taken them, I could just see clearly that my dream could come true if I came to Simon.”

Sokyrka_Vitaliy_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Vitaliy Sokyrka

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
LCC International University in Lithuania

“I can say that I enjoy every single part of Simon, starting with the International Student Orientation. I was so amazed by everything, starting with a really beautiful campus and ending with how much I gained from attending networking and job search sessions. It's impossible to describe my emotions and what I gained with just words. It's something that you need to experience for yourself.”

teng_yuanwen_ftms finance_17_158x190

Yuanwen "Steven" Teng

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017

"For anyone who is making a career transition like me, the MS in Finance program at Simon provides an ample amount of time to build a concrete knowledge base and an extensive professional network in finance."


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