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Webinar Wednesday

Learn more about Simon Business School by attending an interactive webinar. From admissions tips and program reviews to faculty and student discussions, we will provide you with an in-depth look at the Simon experience. Interested in applying to Simon? Attend a live webinar to receive an application fee waiver! 

Can't attend? View our extensive library of archived webinars for recordings of our most popular and recent sessions. If you're an admitted student, we encourage you to visit our admitted student portal for access to enrollment-specific webinars.

Check back periodically for updates and new webinar announcements.

Upcoming Webinars

Simon Spectrum Club
Wednesday, May 23
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT

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Simon Spectrum is the club for LGBTQ students and allies of Simon Business School. The name Spectrum means embracing the gradient. Our vision is to – Foster: build an inclusive community and safe space, allowing members to blossom in both their personal and professional identities. Educate: provide the Simon Family with access to proper and relevant education surrounding LGBT+ issues related to the workplace. Give back: engage with the local LGBT+ community through volunteerism and philanthropy. Join our webinar to learn about our events, initiatives, and networking opportunities we plan for YOU! 

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