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Transfer Credit

Master's students may petition to receive transfer credit for graduate courses taken at other universities. Three courses or nine credit hours may be approved for transfer into the MBA program and two courses or six credit hours for the MS program. This includes courses taken on international exchange. The appropriate faculty area coordinator and the faculty director of graduate programs must approve all graduate courses taken outside of the Simon School for transfer credit. Any student seeking to transfer coursework into Simon programs from other divisions of the University of Rochester should obtain approval for transfer of course credit before registering for courses or he or she bears the risk that the course will not be approved for transfer credit.


  • Obtain the Petition for Transfer Credit Form.
  • Complete the form and attach the course description for the transferring course and syllabus or detail class outline. Select the Simon School course description from the current Information Guide and indicate which Simon course is comparable to the transferring course.
  • Submit completed materials to the assistant to the faculty director of graduate programs, located in Carol Simon Hall (CS2-211D). Students going on the International Exchange program should submit materials to Office of Student Engagement.
  • The faculty director of graduate programs will review the form to verify that the course meets the criteria, and will consult with the area coordinator. Once the area coordinator has made a determination, the faculty director of graduate programs will review and make a final decision on the petition.


  • Full-time students are not eligible to transfer 401 level courses or courses that may have been used to satisfy the requirements for another degree.
  • Courses must be at the graduate level.
  • A grade of "B" or better must be received.
  • Courses must have been completed within the past five years.
  • Due to the integrative nature of the cohort system, no transfer credit is granted to full-time MBA students for core courses. Only part-time MBA students may petition to transfer core courses.
  • Grades for transferred courses are not calculated in a student's cumulative GPA. Grades earned as part of an approved University of Rochester/Simon School joint degree program are included in the GPA.
  • Approved transfer credit will appear on your official University of Rochester transcript but not on the Simon School unofficial transcript.

Conditions Where Courses Cannot be Transferred

  • Undergraduate courses other than foreign language coursework
  • Courses counting towards another degree
  • Courses taken more than five years prior to Simon School matriculation

To secure transfer credit for an approved course, students should arrange to have an official transcript from the other University, a $750 transfer fee for each course taken outside of the University of Rochester, payable to the University of Rochester, and submitted to the Simon School Registrar's Office. Do not submit payment to the Bursar's Office. The Registrar's Office must receive transcripts and payment by the last day of final exams in the quarter you expect to graduate.

Note: Undergraduate students who are enrolled at the University of Rochester and require approval (on the College Approval Form) to take undergraduate courses similar in content to Simon undergraduate courses at another University, must seek approval from the senior associate dean for program development at the Simon School.


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