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Computer Information Systems

The focus of the PhD program in Computers and Information Systems is on business aspects of Information Technology use and management. The program emphasizes analytic and quantitative tools and techniques from economics, operations research, and decision sciences to address these issues. The research conducted by the students and faculty have significantly advanced the state of the art in research on information systems in general, and information systems economics in particular.

First Year Outline

The first year is designed to provide students with a strong methodological foundation in order to prepare them for research in the advanced years of the program. Students will be required to take courses offered by Simon Business School as well as University of Rochester. First year students are required to take the Core Exam, which is given in June.

Second Year Outline

The second year is designed to deepen students' knowledge of Computer and Information Systems. The students work on two individual research topics in conjunction with the faculty to write two papers. These papers are due by June 30 of the second year and are used as the Qualifying Exam. The Qualifying Exam tests students' abilities to integrate class material and reading requirements. Students are also required to to write a second year paper, due by November 30 of the third year. This paper is usually a more in-depth version of one of the two papers used for the qualifying exam.

All students are required to pass a Qualifying Exam in their minor field of study by the fall of their third year.

Third Year and Beyond

Students will take additional courses in the third year after passing the Qualifying Exam. Students also begin work on a dissertation. Research in the field of Computer and Information Systems focuses on problems of design, performance analysis, and optimization of computers and information systems.

Advancement to Candidacy

This is achieved at the end of your fourth year after completing 90 credit hours and passing the Core and Qualifying Exams. These credit hours include research credits for GBA595 and GBA999. Students become PhD candidates by receiving a recommendation from the Computer and Information Systems area coordinator.

Thesis Proposal and Defense

Students are expected to submit their research paper, with a faculty advisor and committee approval, for a Thesis Proposal by the fall of their fourth year. Students are expected to defend their thesis by the end of their fifth year.



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