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FAQ's - Registrar's Office
Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions the Registrar's Office receives in any given quarter. If you do not find answers to questions you have, browse the Registrar's website or send us an e-mail at

Q:   How do students select their classes and when do they register each quarter?
A:   Currently enrolled Simon students may register online for classes through the Student Information System. Students will receive registration instructions through their Simon e-mail account prior to the start of registration each quarter. Matriculated students, depending on the program, may be pre-registered for classes by the Registrar's Office. Visit our registration page for more details.

Q: I need to speak to an advisor about my classes. Who do I see?
Contact Office of Student Engagement at 585-275-8163, Schlegel Hall 202 to schedule an appointment.

Q:  What is the difference between "dropping" and "withdrawing" from a course?
A student can drop a class during the add/drop period (these dates are posted on the academic calendar). When a student drops a class during add/drop, there is no record of the course on the transcript. Once the add/drop deadline has passed, a student must withdraw from class and obtain permission from the instructor. You will receive a grade of "W"  which will appear on your transcript and you will be refunded for the course according to the Refund Schedule.

Q: How do I get a copy of my class schedule?
A: Go to the Student Information System (SIS) and select "Search My Enrollment."  Select the academic year and the term and select "submit search." A PDF will be generated with your current schedule. Classroom assignments will not appear on your schedule.

Q: Where can I find the schedule of classes?
A: The schedule of classes is available on the Simon Registrar's website. The schedule is a PDF. We update the schedule as soon as changes are made. Classroom assignments are posted on the schedule two weeks before classes begin.

Q:  What could prevent me from seeing my courses on Blackboard? Sometimes I need to check the syllabi or assignments and I don't see my courses.
There could be a six to 24 hour delay from the time a student registers until the course(s) appear in Blackboard due to different system uploads. Darden (Simon's student records system) uploads student and course data to the University's information system on a daily basis. The University's information system exports registrations to Blackboard. Student access to courses is turned off 30 days after the end of final exams.

Q; When do I have to pay my bill?
Please visit the Bursar's Office website for billing information.

Q: When are final exams?
Final exam dates are posted on the academic calendar. The final exam schedule is available during mid-term week and posted on the Registrar's website. Per Simon policy, students should not make travel plans during exams as faculty is under no obligation to offer final exams outside scheduled times.

Q: How do I find my grades at the end of the quarter?
Check your final grades on the Student Information System SIS, not on Blackboard. Select "View My Grades."  Your quarterly grade point average (GPA) and cumulative grade point average (GPA) does on appear on SIS. You can view this information on your unofficial transcript. Unofficial transcripts can be requested through Simon Exchange (which requires log-in credentials). Please note that your log-in credentials may be deactivated if you are not a currently registered student, in which case you should request an official transcript. Unofficial transcripts include Simon courses only.

 Q:  How long do instructors have to turn in final grades?
According to Simon policy, faculty members are required to submit grades for summer, fall and winter quarters to the Registrar's Office within four business days after the final exam, or four business after the last class if there is no exam. In the spring quarter, faculty must turn in their grades within four business days of the exam for cohort courses, and 48 hours for all other courses.

Q: How do I order an official transcript?
 Official transcripts can be requested through the University Registrar's Office. They do not reflect quarterly grade point average (GPA) or cumulative grade average (GPA). These transcripts include all courses taken at the University Rochester.

Q: What is considered full-time at Simon?
Verification of enrollment for matriculated and non-matriculated students is based on the following each quarter: Full-time = 9 or more credit hours  Half-time = 6-8 credit hours Part-time = 5 or less credit hours

Q: I need official verification of my enrollment status. Where do I go?
The University of Rochester has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment and degree information. Students may request an enrollment verification online through NSC with your NetID.

Q: Where can I get a description of a particular course?
Official description of courses offered at Simon can be obtained from the Information Guide.

 Q: Where do I turn in transfer work from another university?
Masters students may petition to receive transfer credit for graduate courses taken at other universities. Three courses or nine credit hours may be approved for transfer into the MBA program, and two courses or six credit hours for the MS program. There is a $600 transfer fee for each course taken outside of the University of Rochester. Students should consult with the faculty director of graduate programs, located in Carol Simon Hall CS2-211D. Visit this transfer credit webpage for additional information.

Q: Are there any forms that I need to complete prior to graduation?
A: Students who expect to complete their degree requirements for the MBA, MS, MS in Accountancy, and MS in Finance must submit the online Application for Graduation form. The Registrar's Office will send all potential graduates an e-mail about completing this form prior to graduation.

Q: How do I know if I will graduate?
The Registrar's Office will complete a paper report that matches the degree requirements of a degree program with a student's course work taken. The audit identifies those graduation requirements completed as well as those requirements needing completion prior to graduation. We will notify you if there is any discrepancy.

Q: When and how do I get my diploma?
Diplomas are mailed according to the following schedule unless you indicate that you will be attending Commencement (on the Graduating Student Information Form): Fall graduates - April, Winter/Spring graduates - July, Summer graduates - November.

Q: What does a Registrar's Office do?
The purpose is to support the instructional mission of the Simon School. The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining students' academic records. We also publish the undergraduate and graduate schedule of courses, schedule classrooms, produce the final exam schedule, conduct registration, record grades, ensure graduates have fulfilled graduation requirements, issue diplomas, plan commencement, verify enrollment, and complete ad-hoc reports and surveys.

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